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Restructuring Strategies (Task One)

We have set out below our strategy in the implementation and restructuring of one of the Government’s ‘non core’ businesses and our subsequent Privatisation of this business


The consultant will review the Ministry’s proposed strategy to determine its viability and validity. If this is found to be not the most appropriate, the consultant shall make alternative proposals that are regarded as more effective and efficient.

Establishing effective management control

Within two weeks of signature of the management contract, we will place a management team on site. 

The management team will:-

  1. Upon arrival will analyse accounting systems, stock control systems, personnel records and any other data relevant to the day to day running of the business.
  2. They will implement accounting systems and stock control measures.
  3. They will undertake a thorough evaluation of personnel and personnel records
  4. Upon receipt of information regarding the stock levels, they will be in a position to assess the limit of liability, which may be placed with relevant insurance companies regarding the insurance of stock and equipment.  This will be undertaken in order to:
    • secure the assets.
    • limit any future loss through malicious damage, storm damage, theft etc.
    • improve the overall financial position in the event of a loss.
  5. They will provide an adequate management plan.
  6. Analyse present procurement methods and recommend future procurement methods such as but not limited to lease-backs, tender agreements, trade agreements, service contracts and any other criteria which has a bearing on future resources such as the training of personnel in various aspects of the business etc.
  7. Analyse all assets.  Designate a member of the management team to inspect assets, prior to the handing over to the relevant Ministries.
  8. Transfer items  to the relevant Ministries and designate accountability to key personnel.
  9. Designate a member of the management team to undertake a valuation of the sites.
  10. Analyse requirements regarding the continuation of services provided by the Government.  Where possible, analyse the transferring of services to the private sector.  Analyse the social as well as the economic factors in these proposals, such as but not limited to the transfer of staff to relevant private sector companies, to undertake tasks.
  11. Set aside time for meetings with management, staff and the steering committee of the Government.
  12. Prepare monthly reports and a final report.

Stock take team will:

  1. Upon arrival at the sites undertake a thorough physical stock count.
  2. The stock take personnel will also make recommendations regarding security measures within the stores and assess the relevant accuracy of existing records.
  3. They will also instruct personnel on future paperwork to be completed should they deem this to be necessary.

The valuation and property management team will:-

  1. Assess each property individually.
  2. In conjunction with the Town Planning Department of each relevant area, we would investigate the zoning and surveying of the various sites.
  3. Further to the surveying of the various sites, we would investigate the sub-dividing of lots to accommodate the sale of buildings separately.
  4. We would investigate the property management aspect of each property, with regard to other alternatives to selling ie.,  rental agreements and lease agreements.
  5. We would investigate each property and make recommendations regarding the highest and best use of the individual properties and buildings.